Beco drybag 20 l / kuivasäkki 20 l


Beco drybag 20 l / kuivasäkki 20 l


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Beco drybag 20 l / kuivasäkki 20 l

Pidä tavarasi kuivana. Kevyt ja helppo kantaa mukana.

Halkaisija: 25 cm

Korkeus: 60 cm

Vetoisuus: 20 l

Beco waterproof dry bag for storing your belongings while (adventurous) day out. Take this waterproof bag when you go hiking, cycling, rowing, sailing. It is a comfortable and lightweight bag. Use it dry to store your stuff.

  • Made of sturdy vinyl contents of this drybag well protected, even in the water. By closing the opening of the bag and to roll, the bag is closed.
  • The dry bag is further inflatable and equipped with a handle and shoulder strap.
  • This DuffelBag / drybag is carried out with a flat bottom.
  • Content: 20 Litre
  • Dimensions: Diameter 25 cm / Height 60 cm
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